Space for Rent

Our office suite is located just off 465, near the Boy Scout Council and backs up to Skiles Test Nature Preserve.  It is not uncommon to see wildlife out our windows. The building has beautiful stonework and wood.  It has the perfect "retreat from the city" vibe you are looking for, yet still inside the loop. At this time we have office space available for the following:


Office 1:  Lovely space with a vaulted ceiling. Available on a 1/2 shared basis with evening, day, and weekend availability. The office is shared with an art therapist. $300-325 a month depending on the length of your lease and FIRST MONTH FREE!  contact

Office 2:  Beautiful space with a vaulted ceiling and overlooking the woods. Available on a 1/3 shared basis.  A great opportunity for someone just starting out or with outside work.  The office is shared with an art therapist and play/sandtray therapist.  $240-$280 a month depending on the length of your lease and FIRST MONTH FREE!  contact

Office 3: A unique office in the back of the suite that provides more privacy.  This office has a deck that overlooks the woods.  It is available on a full time ($550 a month) or part time $350 (a month) basis.  As part time, it has day, evening, and weekend availability. Contact to view it. 

Our Group Space:  3 ways to utilize this space. 

1. We rent this space out by the hour.  Please see our FAQ page.  

2. If you are a renter, you can use this space at a 80/20 commission rate if we are marketing your group.  

3. Would you like to facilitate a group for us as a non-renter? We offer a 60/40 commission rate. 

Please contact

About the rest of our space: 

We have a kitchenette where you would receive a mailbox.  Several storage closets.  2 bathrooms, one designated for clients and one for staff. And a waiting area.  The outdoor space has a two deck patios.  

If our space does not suit you, our landlord has two more spaces available within our complex.  Please email for more details.