Are you seeking to meet your potential or address a deep rooted issue? Have you ever got to the end of a 55 min session and realize that you felt like you were just getting started?  Does week to week therapy feel like you are not addressing your core issues?

If so, an intensive may be the right fit for you.


  • Intiate progress and feel motivation to work in a deep and focused way.

  • Make a lot of progress toward your goals.

  • Process, release, and heal from traumatic experiences that have been affecting your life in undesirable ways (mood, work, relationships, connection, body centered focus, motivation, anxiety, depression, etc.)

  • Skip the weekly check in/current issues.

  • Increased attunement with your therapist.

What to expect:

  • We believe the body has wisdom and needs nurtured as part of this process therefore we use somatic therapy techniques. This includes brainspotting or EMDR, art therapy, SEGAN, SAFE & SOUND protocol, and talk therapy as needed. 

  • The specific modalities bring about change in a very deep, embodied way. Experiences with complex or developmental trauma can feel less triggering in this space because deep insights occur along with the release of body sensations associated with triggers. 

  • The sessions are guided but also person centered and move at your own pace.


Pricing for intensives:

2 day intensive, 3 hours per day: $1200

3 day intensive, 3 hours per day: $1800

5 day intensive, 3 hours per day: $3000