Corporate events & Trainings

Corporate Events

Our Corporate Events are designed to involve the imagination, stretching the mind far beyond the verbal capacity. Words can be limiting in terms of self-expression and communication.  Our art-based programs present a uniquely developed methodology utilizing practical, creative and experiential learning that goes beyond the traditional learning experience.  

Corporate Events can be uniquely tailored to your specific objectives thereby maximizing your organization's outcomes. Programs can be focused on a variety of topics and objectives, including stress reduction and relaxation, team building, creative problem solving and much more. We can design topics around business/education needs on a wide variety of subjects, specialized to any audience.

Agency Training

Agency Training is our most popular request for art therapy. However, art therapy is a Master degree profession with a specific curriculum that marries art and counseling/psychology with years of clinical experiences.  It is not possible or ethical to provide a training to teach other professionals how to do art therapy.  Instead, we offer training about what art therapy is, how to incorporate art into goals without doing art therapy, and when to refer to an art therapist.  We understand that social workers, play therapists, and other mental health professionals use art with their clients.  It is our hope to assist with understanding and advocacy for the profession of art therapy.  

Art of the Soul staff are also available to come to your location or location of choice. 

Please contact us and we will gladly help design a Corporate Event for your organization's needs.