What Is Brainspotting Therapy?

Brainspotting is experiential like a meditation but moreover, a profound attunement that occurs between the client and the counselor to allow the client space and time to access their own resources to heal from whatever has brought them to therapy.  The addition of working with an art therapist is like adding an accelerator to your healing process.  We are able to take an imaginary snapshot of your nervous system through Brainspotting and deepen your understanding of who you are and your perceptual understanding of your situation.  It is as if you can freeze time and examine yourself from the inside out. 

All of this sounds amazing, right?  Absolutely!  However, it takes time to build this rapport and experience your internal and external resources.  We do this through assessment, dialogue and art therapy experientials. Once the client has gained the ability to regulate their own nervous system, they are ready to begin brainspotting.  The addition of art therapy is a wonderful way to document your process and help to regulate down somatic experiences.

Jessica is trained by Cherie Lindberg in Brainspotting I & II, Brooke Randolph in Brainspotting for Adoption, Serene Caulkin in Freeze to Thaw: Trauma.  She is also Certified in Brainspotting under the supervision of Brooke Randolph. 

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