What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is a mental health modality the combines art making and psychotherapy. There is a common belief that you have to be an artist or have artistic skills to do art therapy. That’s not so. There is no wrong way to make art.

It’s about the relationship between the client, the therapist and the artwork. It’s less about the finished product, it more about the process. The artwork doesn’t have to be aesthetic pleasing; it’s about it’s meaning to you, what you get out of it.

Individual Art therapy and Counseling

Art of the Soul art therapists are available to work with children and adults, individually and in groups. The arts can help facilitate expression of thoughts and emotions. Art therapy is used to work with people with cognitive, behavioral, or emotional needs.  It can help to build a relationship with a child with autism, help families work together, work through parent/child relationships, reduce anxiety and stress, help with trauma, aide in the grieving process, build self-confidence, etc. To schedule an individual session, please visit our About Us page and choose a therapist.  We encourage you to call or email with questions.  NOW OFFERING TELETHERAPY ONLY.

Group Art Therapy

For individuals needing a little more than an art instruction class and a little less than personal therapy sessions.  In the session, we will make art under guided topics and leave ample time for reflection and group insight. The advantages of group therapy include: connection with others, group support and encouragement, interpersonal learning, and the enhancement of social skills. Visit our Events page for an up to date schedule. GROUP THERAPY IS AVAILABLE - TELETHERAPY ONLY